About Amit

Amit Sharma: Dhrupad vocalist, passionate about rhythm and Vedic Mantras

Amit Sharma is from a traditional music Gharana in Northindia, the Sadhu Baba Gharana. He is from the seventh generation, learning under his grandfather Kanheya Lal Bandhavi, who was the court singer for Maharaja Marthand Singh in Rewa for over 20 years. KLB was also the guru of the Maharani, the queen Praveen Kumari. Amit also performed in front of the king and queen even at the tender age of 12. He received complete and comprehensive musical knowledge from his grandfather including mastering the art of Dhrupad vocal music, Khyal singing, playing the Harmonium and tabla plus the ability to maintain and care for the instruments.

courtsinger Kanheya Lal Bandhavi, Amits grandfather Fort Kila in Rewa Maddya Pradesh

Amongst the various awards that Amit received as a musician, he also holds also a Bachelor in classical Hindustani vocal music from the Prayat Sangeet Academy in Allahabad.

Amit Sharma receiving the Surmani Award at Sursingar Samvad Festival in Mumbai 2010 Amit Sharma touching the Gurujis feet

Amit received a scholarship from the Ratan Tata Trust where he then studied between 2001 until 2004 with Late Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar in the Gurushishya Parampara system. ZFD was the 19th generation in the Dagar lineage, one of the most prolific existing Dhrupad lineages. His intensive training included 12 hours of singing per day along with study and the practice of Pranayama Yoga.

Studentsgroup with Amit and Aana Sharma in the Gurukul in 2009

In 2006 Amit qualified for the Dorabji Tata Trust Scholarship where he studied for four years until 2010. Here he was taught in the Gurushishya Parampara system under the Padmashri Gundecha Brothers, recognised as hugely prolific and highly respected in India. Amit was the Gundecha’s right hand and closest student, living like a family member with them and supporting them in various tasks. Amit performed throughout India and the world with the Gundecha brothers.

Amit performing with Gundechabandhu in Rietbergmuseum 2016

Not only did Amit become an adept in vocal skills but also as tablaist. As the result of this, he has a unique ability to combine melodic and rhythmical improvisations in a rarely heard mind expanding way. Furthermore, his voice expresses a softness and sweetness that goes straight to the heart.

Amit Sharma 2014

Amit has not only performed on various Indian stages but also on Swiss and international stages. His Indian performances include Tansen and Haribalab Festival, Dharwad, Badal Raag Bharat Bhavan Festival, Habitat und Kamni Audotorium New Delhi, St. Javier Batiki Mumbi and Kala Ghoda Festival Bangalore. Further afield he has performed in the swiss Villa Rieter at the Rietbergmuseum in Zürich and various stages and festivals and has received many invitations to perform in the US and Canada as well as in other European countries like the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Amit Sharma performing in Wasserkirche Zürich 2018

Amit is not only practicing his career as a performing musician but also has his own music school in Zürich where he has been living with his family since 2012.

Amit has widened his spectrum with Sufi songs and Bhajans. Recently he started to explore fusions with Jazz and South Indian music. Amit also hosts regular Mantra and Kirtan sessions.