The Naad Teaching Program contains three parts:

  • Nada Yoga: breath and energy, concentration and deep listening (inner part of Soundyoga)
  • Mantra Chanting: rhythmical reciting of a Mantra (Nama)
  • Dhrupad Music: music, which has a meter and a melody within a tonal system (Rupa)

If a student wants, he or her can focus on special parts only. Always included is:

  • Microtonal listening and singing
  • Melody and Rhythm
  • Improvisation
  • Voice Culture
  • Breathing techniques

Amit is giving private classes in Richterswil, Zürich Witikon or online. Further he is holding workshops in and around Zürich. Amit be booked also for workshops with third parties. Please write on indianmusicandfood@gmail.com thanks.